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The Real Deal on Cash Buyers for Homes

At Local We Buy Houses we pride ourselves in being locally owned and locally operated here in Virginia. Our main focus is not just buying houses, we enjoy building relationships with the owner of the home looking to sell their house quickly and sell it for cash. There are many explanations for why homeowners want to sell their house for cash. We take pride in our customer service and we treat every house as if it was ours. We fully understand that at times a homeowner needs to sell their home out of necessity and not because they particularly want too. We understand that several of those reasons are extremely private and many times, this process can be tremendously tedious. The focus is to buy your home and remove that burden from you. Let’s examine some of the reasons why you as a homeowner may need a fast-fair cash offer today.

Inherited Home
Many times, family or friends will pass away leaving a house to family or close friends. Those family members/friends might not have the energy, time or money to make any necessary repairs, tidy up the home, or list it with a real estate agent. Many times, the individual who inherited the house does not live in the same location which makes those things listed earlier difficult to accomplish. The individuals might consist of brothers and sister who have decided that the most effective option to divide the house is by selling it and splitting the profits. No matter what, an inherited home can cause a lot of extra work that some do not want to do or cannot do for one reason or another.

Moving/Job Promotion
Many homeowners buy their homes without the goal of moving in the next few years. Life has a way of throwing curveballs and you might be in a tough spot where you want to relocate quick. Career Changes are a big motive why people sell their home fast and move. Several have to move quickly to care for sick friends. Members of the military often receive unexpected orders and are required to also move fast causing them to sell their home for cash as they don’t possess the time to sell it through a more traditional route with a realtor.

Job Loss/Decrease in Income

Homeowners get accepted for their mortgages based upon the documents given that they have the income to pay the required amount. Unfortunately for some, that can sometimes change causing a reduction in your current income making it difficult to come up with the money to pay. A reduction in money or a loss of employment is a huge problem for homeowners as it can cause your house to go into foreclosure negatively affecting your ability to buy or rent a home in the foreseeable future.


By selling your house fast for cash, many times homeowners can sell the house for cash, pay off their current mortgage and are able to move to a less expensive house that fits their current budget. This is a great option for those who are about to lose their home because it now offers them options that they didn’t have earlier.


Tired Landlords

This is how they inform you to get rich. Purchase all the properties you are able and rent them out for money. What nobody really teaches about is the pain of being a landlord. Battling each month to collect your rent, the necessary repairs needed, needed updates due to the changing building codes, etc. Most don’t teach about the hassle of removing a tenant for not paying. They don’t speak about the long and expensive procedure through the courts to remove the tenant while you are paying the mortgage and NOT making profits. If you are in this predicament and you no longer wish to do any more updates or repairs and you just need out of the home, we will offer you an all-cash offer for your house and eliminate this burden from you.


This topic is very comparable to the loss of a job or loss in income. Families have unanticipated bills like hospital bills, car repair bills, student loans, that can affect their ability to pay their bill. Once your property goes into foreclosure and it sells at auction, this will impact not only your credit in the near future but the possibility of renting a home. Listing your property as soon as you understand you can no longer afford the monthly mortgage payment is the best option for homeowners in this situation. It is not the best situation to be in particularly after consecutive years of payments, the equity built up in the property, and also just the love of the house you’ve lived in for many years. However, losing your home to foreclosure is worse than the feelings you are feeling about the situation. Get out of the property while you still can and are able to make a choice moving forward without the terrible hit to your personal credit is the best option for many in this predicament. Most do not have time to sell the home with a realtor and need to sell quickly before foreclosure becomes a reality.


Many homeowners own their property for many years and possibly raise their children in those house. However, when the kids are long gone and now have families and kids of their own, the parents are stuck with a larger house than they need. Many will market with a real estate agent but many who have tons of repairs to do or need a lot of upgrades will elect to sell their house for cash so that they do not have to go through the headaches of marketing with a real estate agent. This way they can sell the house and relocate into a smaller home.

Too Many Repairs/Updates

Those looking to sell their house are aware that in order to list it with a realtor, there are several things that have to be completed before they do so. A real estate agent will come to your home and give you a price that they feel they can sell it for if you do certain things in order to assist the house sell quick. This might entail painting, fixing the outside, update lighting, make any repairs to the walls, update the kitchen appliances, etc. This can become expensive extremely quick and will affect the profit you make on the home. Many simply don’t possess the funds to make all those tasks, many do not have the energy, or just simply do not want the headache of completing all of that. Many choose to receive an all-cash offer because it means that they can sell the home as-is without the updates, without the necessary repairs, and without the headache.

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Need Cash Fast

A Quick Cash Offer Is More Attainable Than You Think. We buy houses fast. Many times, a family will sell the property to a cash buyer because of an unforeseen bill that needs to be paid. With an all-cash buyer, you can got the closing table in less than a month most of the time which will allow you to leave the table with cash in your pocket providing you the ability to pay your bills. Many times, the older population will retire and move into retirement homes which can be very pricey. They will list their homes quickly knowing that the profit they get will assist them in moving them into the community they are looking for. Sometimes, those who need to move into those homes are not approved because they own a home and the only way to get approved is to remove of most of your possessions in order to qualify. No matter the reason why you want the money, they can guarantee you get all-cash offer for your home and provide you the cash you are looking for.

It does not matter the motive why you are selling your house but as we all understand that reason is important to you. At Local We Buy Houses in Virginia, they care about those motives and do everything in their power to help you in your predicament. Below they have answered several of the most asked questions from homeowners looking to sell their house for cash.

Why don’t people just list their house with a real estate agent?

High Commission Costs

A seller has to pay a realtor anywhere between 3% to 6% of the amount the home sold for. On a $150,000, you have to pay the realtor $4500 to $9000 along with any closing help requested by the potential buyer. That is a lot of cash that will not be doing in the homeowners.


When you list your property, you need to be ready for a showing at the drop of a dime if you want to sell your home quickly. This means daily cleaning and always making sure your property is “show-ready” which can become exhausting real quick if your property is on the market for 3-6 months.

Updates/Repairs Needed

A real estate agent will explain to you all the upgrades that should be done in order for the home to compete in your local market. In order for your home to sell quickly and for the most money, they will require that you update or repair certain items in your home which can be pricey and time-consuming.

3 to 6 Month Closing Time

Depending on the area and the current condition of your property, your house could sit on the market for an extended time. Even after you get an offer, the closing could take an additional 30 to 90 days before you actually go to the closing table and receive your money.
What is the process for selling my home for cash?

The first step in the process of selling your home for cash is a quick conversation with Local We Buy Houses. They will ask you a couple of questions in regards to your property. When they have decided that they think they can help you, they will ask to schedule an appointment to view the house in person. Once they see the property and offer you an all-cash offer on your house, they can close in less than a month after. They take care of everything after that! It is not necessary for you to clean your house, do any upgrades, or pay any fees. Their goals are to sell your home and have you walk away with that cash in your bank account.

What do I have to do?

You have to do nothing but schedule a time to show them the property and provide them information. No credit checks, no payment required, nothing. You simply speak with them and provide them additional information about the property in order for them to give you a fair market offer on your home!

Am I obligated to sell you my home if I schedule an appointment?

Absolutely not. This is just a conversation, not an obligation. You are only required to sell the house after you sign a contract agreeing to our offer on the house.


Choose your close date and move on your schedule.
Normally they can close in less than a month however they are able also push that off to a closing date that’s more convenient if you need more time. We Buy Houses with a guaranteed closing.

Are they realtors?

No, however, they do have a real estate agent on staff so that they can make sure to offer all potential choices to their clients.

A Fast Cash Offer Is Closer Than You Might Believe. We Buy Houses Fast & In As-Is Condition, For Cash. Contact them asap for a no-obligation, in-person property assessment to see if they can offer you with an all-cash offer on your property today.

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