Need To Sell My House Quickly


Pamela Harris

How Can a Homeowner Help Sell a Home Rapidly?

There are certain things a seller can do that will increase the odds of having a fast sale. Some of the best are as follows:

Do a deep cleaning of the interior of the home.
Get the home properly staged. This includes removing all clutter and making the home super presentable.
Clean up the exterior by making sure there is ample curb appeal. Remove any debris, trim the landscape, and make sure the lawn looks terrific.
Take care of any glaring defects both on the inside and out.
Do touch up paint throughout the inside in any high traffic areas or any areas that really need it.
If you have excess furniture that overcrowds your rooms, get rid of it by either putting it into storage or donating it to charity.
Once the listing goes live be accommodating as possible for showings. A missed showing is a missed opportunity. Don’t be restrictive letting people into your home.
Doing all of these things will make your real estate agent’s job much easier. Most buyers highly prefer turnkey homes. You will want your home to appeal to the masses.

Avoid These Mistakes When Selling Your Home

sell your house fast


Keep your emotions in check and stay focused on the business aspect of selling your home.
Hiring an agent may cost more in commission, but it can take a lot of the guesswork out of selling.
If you decide to sell on your own, set a reasonable sale price and keep the time of year in mind.
Prepare for the sale, don’t skimp on the visuals in your listing, and disclose any issues with the property.

Consider professional home staging – a small investment in this can reap significant rewards.

Be flexible when it comes to showing the property and if you are using a realtor, leave the home while it is being shown.
If at all possible, remove pets during showing the home as well as evidence of them including food bowls, litter trays, etc. The home will be more appealing if there is no evidence of a pet living there.
Use high-quality photographs for your listing and make sure your home is listed online.
Not only should you showcase your home’s best features, but also the best features of the neighborhood – good schools, proximity to public transport, local recreation and dining options, etc.

Cash for home buyers

Have you seen signs in your neighborhood advertising “We buy homes for cash?” If so, then you may have wondered what it would be like to sell a house fast for cash to an only-cash buyer.

Two words come to mind: fast and easy.

A cash buyer views your home and makes an offer, sometimes on the same day. Since they have cash, there’s no need for the buyer to get a mortgage–so you skip the process of waiting for the buyer to secure financing and can jump straight to closing.

Preparing to sell your house fast

Convenience and speed are the main advantages of working with cash buyers; they can buy the home in as-is condition, so you can get out from under that house ASAP without having to make any repairs or upgrades.

You may leave some money on the table with a cash buyer, but for those who choose this option, the speed and convenience outweigh the disadvantages.

Additionally, selling your home quickly with a cash buyer will help reduce your holding costs (continued mortgage payments, insurance, utilities, etc.) that need to be paid while waiting for a qualified buyer.

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