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There was a time in ye old Virginia, when individuals were taxed on their possessions, or “tangibles.” In the 1600s, it was the Sheriff who noted a person’s chairs, beds, silver, farm equipment, and other assets. The Sheriff, too, received the tax payments. Over much time, tangible tax for individuals was eventually replaced by a vehicle personal property tax. Today, individuals no longer pay tax on their non-vehicle possessions, but businesses still do. And today, it is the Commissioner of Revenue who makes assessments, with whom you file, and who performs audits. It is the Treasurer’s Office who sends the bills for taxes and receives the payments. The Sheriff is no longer in the tax business.

Local We Buy Houses is a real estate investment company sent to put smile to the face of people living in Virginia. We have helped many homeowners in the state of Virginia to realize their goal of selling their houses very fast without any stress and anguish. We don’t leave you to face the hassles of putting the house in good selling condition before buying, we buy as it is.

Our unique method and process of buying house and incomparable selling experience service has made us an outstanding and significant Home Buying Specialist. To ease-out the stress in selling and buying houses which has been the shortcomings of many home investors today, we decided to put in place these three simple, fast and efficient buying and selling experience:

>Reaching us via the Phone or Website.
>Having a face-to-face meeting at the house.
>Agreeing on a closing date.

Anyone can offer you a good deal on your house, but can they back it up? If they don’t have financing in place, it could spell disaster for you. Many times, a buyer will be pre-qualified for a loan but not pre-approved. This means they could qualify for a home loan, but the lender hasn’t looked at the details and approved their application. They might get approved but not for the full amount. A buyer with financing in place or even better – cash in hand, will make selling your Washington DC area home much easier.

Blooming into a Prepared Home Seller

Be aware that preparing your home for sale, and maximizing the best purchase price is a process that can at least several weeks, and sometimes months. Follow these suggestions:

Declutter first. You might want to store excess decorations, furniture, and possessions that may not be needed for the next few months. The less cluttered and crowded your home is, the better it will show. Don’t expect buyers to see past all your ‘stuff’ to the beauty of the home.

Assess and schedule repairs and updates. This includes roof work, paint, simple updates like fixtures, and landscaping.

Work with an experienced realtor to determine the best selling price. You should look at comparable homes in your location that have sold within the past few months.

Let the experienced realtors at Local We Buy Houses, Inc. guide you through the Spring Home Market – we are here to help buyers and sellers with our unmatched dedication and professionalism. Find your agent


We understand everyone’s situation is different. For example, some homeowners need physical help with moving their belongings, some need financial help with moving expenses, while others might need a few days after closing to vacate. At Local We Buy Houses, we’ll help in any way we can. Our goal is to make the transaction as smooth and stress free as possible, so let us know if you need additional help with something, and we’ll let you know how we can assist!

Please Follow These Instructions When Filling Out The Contract:

>Make sure you fill out the contract in its entirety, including the lead based paint (even if the home was built after 1978)
>No offer contingencies will be accepted (i.e. home inspection contingency)
>Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) must be held with the Seller’s title Company, and must be in the amount of $10,000 or more
>Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) must be wired or dropped off in certified funds within 1 business day of ratification of offer
>Properties are sold totally in As Is condition. Any seller trash, furniture, etc can be left by seller at closing and will become responsibility of buyer after settlement
>Refer back to property advertisement online or via email for Property Closing Date. However, please keep in mind this date is approximate and can change somewhat as we get closer to closing, but you will have ample notice of any changes
>If you are an agent with a client that wants to make an offer and you are receiving commission, be sure to indicate that where noted on the offer form

selling your first house

selling your first house

When you sell your home through our Virginia home buyers’ program, you can avoid these expenses, saving thousands of dollars. Remember, we buy your home “AS-IS”. No matter what size, location, or condition of your house, we’ll make you a fair cash offer for a quick house sale.

No Preparation

There’s a lot of leg work that goes into listing a home with a real estate agent. You’ll not only be required to do a deep house clean and maintain the cleanliness of the home for showing, but you also may need to update kitchen appliances—such as ovens and dishwashers—install new flooring, landscape the property, paint, and much more.

Unless you have all the time in the world, these commitments will likely become tiresome fast. We don’t require our clients to prepare their home for a fast house sale. We handle everything as you walk away with cash in hand.

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