Why would I want to sell my Virginia house for cash?

Why would I want to sell my Virginia house for cash?

Selling your home for cash is not for everyone.  Some have the time, the energy, the extra money, and the patience to list with a realtor.  They are fine with having to update the home for a max offer on the home.  They are fine with giving up 6% of the sale to a realtor.  They are happy with keeping the home clean at all times while on the market in case a showing gets scheduled.  However, there is a whole other type of seller that doesn’t have the time, maybe not the money, maybe not patience, and just maybe doesn’t have the energy.

Local We Buy Houses focuses on helping those distressed and stressed out sellers sell their homes and sell them quickly.  The reasons they are called distressed sellers is because there is something going on in their life where they need to sell the home and they need to sell it fast.

These reasons could be any of the following:

1.    Going through a divorce

2.    Got a new job or a promotion and it required them to move

3.    Military (new orders)

4.    Facing a foreclosure

5.    Home has too many repairs needed

6.    Tired Landlords (doesn’t want to do it anymore)

7.    Inherited a property they don’t want or need

8.    Don’t want to deal with showings/cleaning/updating

9.    Loss of income

10.  Going through a divorce

Whatever the reason is, many homeowners out there need the services of a we buy house company.  These companies will assist you in a variety of ways.  They will help get the house sold in 30 days or less without you having to do any updates, make any repairs, clean the house, or even cut the grass!  They will take care of the closing paperwork, title work, etc that comes with selling a home.  They will market your home for free or they will buy the home themselves.   This is a quick and easy way for those who have a timeline/deadline to sell their home by or for those who don’t have the money to keep the paying the mortgage on time or those who don’t have the money to do the repairs necessary to put it on the market.

Again, there are many types of sellers out there who need the services of We Buy Houses and we are here to help them.  It doesn’t matter if the reason you are selling for cash is listed above or not, we are here to help you.  We give our clients all the options available to them even if it means that they don’t choose to sell their home to us.  We are in the business of helping, not making money.  That will come but we focus on taking care of our clients first and the rest will fall in place.  We look forward to helping you any way we can.  Give us a call today to discuss your property and figure out how we can help.

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